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  Article 10

            Sample Predictive Finance Graphs

Your financial graphs will be sent to you in a PDF file, especially prepared for you.

(To download a complete sample report, just like the one you will receive when you order, please click here.)

The graphs are based on your birth date, time, and place of birth, which you will give me when ordering (this information will only be used for the calculation of your graphs, and for no other purpose.) You will find one graph for each month, three in all for a three-month report.

Each graph will display lines of four different colors:

Violet and red: These represent times of tension, problems, obstacles, in short, those energies which will most likely correspond to times of "bad luck".  The violet line varies only slowly, since it corresponds to more long-term astrological tendencies. If either of these lines is high on the graph (above 150%), then it is advisable to abstain from taking any financial risks during the period indicated.

Light blue, dark blue:These show the positive tendencies of that month: times when it is more probable that things will "flow". High blue lines are a good sign. If one of them (or both) are high, while the red lines are noticiably below them, then those times will be best for taking risks, investing, speculating or gambling

  Here is a sample graph, done for myself, for the month of October, 2009:

 (graph has been reduced size by 20% in order fit better into this page if you'd see full-sized graphs within  context of a sample pdf file just like the one you will receive, please click here to download)

   Naturally, is can happen that both tendencies are shown for the same dates. They will be those times when both positive as well as negative tendencies are present.  

   Reading your graphs is really quite simple, if you keep in mind the main guideline...

   The best times for investing, speculating, or gambling will be when the red lines are relatively low, and the blue lines relatively high.

   What does "relatively" mean here? Look at the graph above, and find the horizontal line that corresponds to "100%" as indicated at the left of the graph. This line is very important, for it represents the average amount of either negative energy (the red/violet lines) or else positive energy (the light/dark blue lines) that one will have. In other words, on average, a red/violet, or a light/dark blue line, will hover around 100%. Knowing this helps us to determine those days on which the energy (either negative or positive)  will not be average.

   If a line is at 250%, for instance, this means that the tendency (good or bad) is two and a half times higher than average (100% representing the average); a line at 320%, 3.2 times higher; 80%, only 0.8 times as high as average, in other words, it would be twenty percent below average.

   How would I use the above graph to determine the days on which I should avoid all financial risks, and on which days it would be safer to gamble, play the market, or speculate? 

   Here are some simple guidelines:

   Always go by the highest line, whether blue or red. For example: in the graph above, until October 13th, a blue line is the highest. During that same period, all the red lines are low. This means that October 1st through 11th would be a good time for gambling, speculating, etc. October 8th looks especially good, since the higher blue line goes up a bit, to almost 300%, and simultaneously, the second blue line rises to about 160%. At the same time all red lines are below average!

   On the 13th, a red line surpasses the upper blue line; I would refrain from taking risks on that day. The next good period might not come till the 24th, when that red line has sunk down considerably. The 28th also looks quite good, since both blue lines are high, and the red ones low, except for the one that is around 150%.

Remember: the highest line always predominates, yet the lines below that one are important, too: the best times are those when one or both blue lines are higher than average, and the red lines are lower.

   How would I judge October 14th, when a blue and a red line are both around 250%? Well, personally, I wouldn't risk anything then, just to be sure. Yet I am aware that there are times when financial decisions must be made within a certain time frame, and cannot be put off for weeks. On such a case, I would at least wait till the 15th, when the red line has gone down a bit, and the second blue line has risen to alomst 150%.

   There will be months when the red lines are especially high. Let's look at an example, once again based on my own birth data:

   This is a clear example of a bad month: a violet line (which belongs, after all, to the "red" group) is very high for weeks, while the blue lines are much lower. In that month, I had less work than usual, and  wouldn't have been able to do very much anyway, since from the 15th till the end of the month, I was ill with a fever (often, different sorts of unpleasant things happen around the same time, though the same goes for positive events, too!). Obviously, if I were a gambler, I would not have risked anything during that month.

   The truth is, there are periods of time - sometimes even an entire month - when it it would not be advisalble to take any kind of financial risk at all. Naturally, some people might find this difficult to follow: those who play the Forex market almost daily, or gamblers. Yet why take unnecessary risks? It's better to take a break sometimes, and then, when the astrological tendencies are more favorable, to resume  your activity.  Your graphs will tell you when to "lie low", and when it will be safer to take risks.

   If you'd like to see a complete sample of a "Fortune Smiling" Predictive Graph Report, in convenient PDF format, you can download one here. Should you not have a PDF reader, you can either use the Adobe Acrobat ready, or else my own personal favorite, the "PDF exchange Viewer", that is free of charge, and has many features that the free Acrobat Reader does not have. You can download this fine program here:

   Do you have any further questions about how to read the Predictive Finance Graphs? Don't hesitate to write and ask me; I'll be glad to help you out!


   For clients who so desire, we take things one step further. We will actively collaborate with you: you tell us the days when the calendar predicted correctly, and when it was off the mark. This way, we can use that information to refine the techniques we use even more, thus ensuring better results the next time around.

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