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For anyone who trades in FOREX, stocks, makes important business decisions - or for those who enjoy gambling…  Do you want to get the edge where money is concerned, and..

- increase your earnings when playing the stock market, FOREX or day trading?

- consistently make more profitable business decisions, knowing when it is best to buy, sell, or make new investments?

- get luckier with casino gambling, online gambling, or any other type of gambling?

How much more money could you take in if you were just a bit “luckier” than the average person?

   Long in the making, Fortune Smiling has the express goal of helping you know when "Lady Luck" will be in your favor, so that you can increase the chances of coming out ahead in all of your financial dealings and decisions.

   Based on years of research, the reports we prepare for you employ some of the most advanced techniques in the field of astrology. Yet you needn't be a "believer" in astrology in order to participate: try it out for yourself for a fantastically low introductory price, and then decide whether you want more...  if so, it will be at no risk, for we offer a money-back guarantee on all our services! Read more below, or click here to order your first Predictive Finance Graph Report
now, at a very special introductory price!

David_Bolton  Hi, I'm David Bolton, research astrologer. I have always been intrigued by the concept of "luck". Though many people equate it with simple "coincidence", this is a belief I do not share. In a nutshell, I believe that luck is a question of timing: choosing the right time to make those important decisions that determine the subsequent course of our lives.

In the early 90's, I developed a theory about how to increase one's chances of making money by using a combination of advanced techniques from the field of astrology. Now, many years later, I have finally developed the tools necessary to enable you to increase your chances of coming out ahead in your financial dealings - and you can try it out right now for less than a third of the normal price:  $19.95 ( a $69.95 value). 

   This is what  "Fortune Smiling" is all about: using very advanced astrological techniques to explore the nature of luck, and to calculate the times - months, weeks and days  - when it is probable that you will have good, or bad luck, so that you can take advantage of the fortunate times, and avoid taking any risks when things aren't looking so good.

 We don't make any empty promises: increasing your luck with astrology (or by any other means) is not something that can be predicted 100%. But then, that isn't necessary. All that you need to know, with a little more than 50% certainty, is when those "bad" and "good" times will be. 

 Think about it. Being only, say, 55% certain that tomorrow will be a bad day for  financial transactions might not seem too impressive. After all, the prediction could be wrong. However, if over time, and on a regular basis, you could know the good and bad times with, for example, just a 55% certainty, that would translate into a lot of money.

   A very simple analogy: You have a perfectly balanced coin. You flip it 10,000 times. Probability says that 50% of the time, heads will come up, and tails the other 50%. Naturally, neither heads not tails will come up exactly 5,000 over 10,000 tosses; the end results for each will, though, approximate 50%. Maybe after the first run of 10,000 tosses, you see that heads has come up only 49,8% of the time. Yet if you continue to experiment, and do several runs of 10,000 tosses each, you'll find that things come closer and closer to being balanced: some runs show a very slight predominance of heads, other runs, for tails. In any case, since the coin is balanced, both heads and tails will each appear about 50% of the time.

   Now, for instance, if you used this coin for gambling with a friend, it would be a colossal waste of time: for instance, he always bets heads, you always bet tails. In the end, after many thousands of games, he's won about half the games, you the other half. Neither has lost anything, yet neither has won, either!

  Yet now suppose that you have a coin that is not balanced, one where the "heads" side is a bit weighted, so that it will come up more often than tails over the course of many tosses, say, 55% of the time.
Now, when you do a run of 10,000 tosses, the expected result is not 5,000 heads, 5,000 tails, but rather 5,500 heads, and only 4,500 tails.

  Suppose that you used this coin to gamble with your friend (something that we?d never suggest you do, for it would be cheating - unless you didn't mind losing, and let him bet on heads!) Assuming that you always bet on heads, you'd end up a big winner; the more you played, the more you'd increase your earnings.

  Sure, if you only tossed the coin three times (for instance), it's possible you'd lose, since after all, the probablity of heads coming up was not 100%, but only 55%. The probability that you'd lose 3 times in a row is only 9% (as opposed to 12.5% if the coin were balanced), but it can, and sometimes certainly would happen. Yet if you and your friend continued tossing the coin, things would eventually even out, then turn in your favor: the greater the number of tosses, the more the end results would approximate a result of 55% for heads, making you a certain winner over time.

  This is the theory behind our concept. The "coin balanced in your favor", in this case, is a personalized Predictive Finance Graph that we will send you, calculated according to your personal astrological data (date, time and place of your birth), and that will show the weeks/days when you will be most likely to be lucky (or unlucky). This graph represents the synthesis of thousands of complex astrological calculations, and each graph will only work for the person for whom it was prepared, since it is totally based on his/her astrological birth chart.

   With the information your Predictive Finance Graph Report provides, you will be able to choose when it is best to invest, buy or sell, make business decisions, play the forex market, or to gamble.

  Just as with the unbalanced coin, you won't always win, but over time, you most probably will end up with more than 50% success, and that translates into definite financial gains!

  Oh - and the very first personal Predictive Finance Graph Report you order, that shows your lucky and unlucky times for a period of a full three months (three graphs in all, one for each month), is now being offered at an introductory price of only  $19.95.  

  So that you can see exactly what you will receive, we have prepared a sample Graph Report that you can download here.  As you will see, this is not some kind of "automatically generated" product, but one that I will prepare for you personally.

  Have a look and and see for yourself, and then decide whether you'd like to "get the financial edge" by ordering a three-month Predictive Graph Report for yourself, at no risk whatsoever, for I do something that practically no astrologer does: I offer you a money-back guarantee. If, after testing your Finance Graph over the the three-month period for which it was done, you are not convinced that it does indeed reflect the ups and down in your financial life, then simply write and let me know, and I will return your money. Fair enough?

   No doubt many of you will want to know more about the "Fortune Smiling" project - how it began, the theory behind it, and more.  Below, you 'll find a series of articles I have written on these topics. 

 I welcome any feedback you may have, and would also be glad to hear from anyone who may be interested in collaborating with me in the project (no financial investment necessary). Just write me at: 


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